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Andre Eng




San Diego, CA


4 Years

“Small businesses are the engine of our economy and the heartbeat of our communities.” – Karen Mills, former Administrator of the Small Business Administration

Andre grew up in Anaheim with a natural talent for business. He demonstrated this from a young age, building a mini candy-selling empire, which was shut down by the school. From and early age, he enjoyed helping others, even help his parent’s with their finances. He still grappled with how to combine a love for helping others with his passion for business.

At UC San Diego, Andre earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology with an emphasis in Accounting. He wanted a deeper understanding of the people around him to complement his growing business insight.

During his time there, he ran a small business and firsthand experienced the challenges faced by many new entrepreneurs. The biggest hurdle was transitioning his hobby project into a legitimate business. This experience underscored the importance of proper setup including meticulous accounting, bank accounts, entity setup, and payroll regardless of a company’s size.

Andre joined the Tax Co. after he was recruited for an internship. Leveraging Andre’s academic background and professional experience, Andre refined his skillset to help businesses track numbers, get tax efficient, & stay complaint so that owners can run their business and grow. By handling the accounting aspects of small and medium-sized businesses across various industries, Andre frees owners to focus on their craft and contribute to their communities with significantly less stress. 

Areas Of Expertise

Small Business Analysis
Payroll Adjustments
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