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Nick Mascetta




Cumberland, ME

Syracuse University

12 Years

“People overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.” – Bill Gates

Nick is the straight shooting East Coast representative in the Taxman office. Born and raised in Maine, he moved to San Diego in 2003. He opened up his first business in 2011 and has been an entrepreneur ever since. He has bought, sold, and invested in several businesses around San Diego including a marketing agency, a yoga studio, and tea shop, and several bar/restaurants.

After starting and exiting several small businesses, he that a strong financial foundation would have helped in the beginning. Running numbers, learning payroll, and going through retirement options took so much time away from running the business.

He imagined most new business owner’s likely struggle with the same initial questions – “Do I start an LLC?”, “How do I pay people?”, “Do I need a retirement account?”, “How do I reduce my taxable income?”

After seeing a clear lack of good solutions, The Taxman Team was born. The goal is to provide individuals and new business owner’s with more advanced tools in order to get setup right the first time and maximize the chance of success.

Areas Of Expertise

Tax Efficiency
Entity Structure
Retirement Accounts
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