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Tax & Accounting

We help client’s from the ground up to ensure you set yourself up for success, grow your business, and minimize your taxes…

Many tax firms will help you prepare your taxes. And it usually stops there. At Taxman, we take a more involved approach.

In addition to tax preparation, we provide record keeping, payroll setup, and advisory on topics such as proper entity setup, and retirement accounts to maximize tax efficiency, which can save tens of thousands every year.


We’ll file your taxes, resolve any outstanding issues with the IRS or state, and provide guidance on becoming more tax efficient next year.


We provide customized and accurate record keeping to give you insight and help your business thrive.


Each situation is different. Sole Prop, LLC, S-Corp. Payroll. Retirement. Partial CFO services as needed. We’ll help you get & stay tax efficient.

Get outstanding results with one of our experienced & knowledgable accounting experts.
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